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Structural & Building Vibrations

Dynamic analysis of engineering structures and machinery components. These include the determination of natural frequencies, mode shapes and forced vibration response. Structures include offshore platform jackets, bridges, industrial structures, piers, towers, heat exchangers, piping installations, etc.

Structural integrity monitoring of offshore structures, tall buildings, bridges and other engineering structures using ambient vibrations monitoring, and changes to normalised mode shapes.

Dynamic analysis for vibration response of buildings, including roof slabs and roof structures, from vibration excitation sources. Typical sources include building services equipment, large ventilation fans, etc., industrial equipment (mixers, grinders, presses), construction activities (piling and blasting). Other non-conventional sources include large leisure rides, motion simulators, indoor roller coasters, etc. Trains induced vibrations in buildings.

Dynamic analysis using finite element modelling (FEM/FEA). Analysis correlated against dynamic testings and modal analysis. Structural integrity assessment.

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