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Machinery Vibrations

Vibration analysis and diagnosis, trouble shooting of rotating machines. Investigation and solving of vibration problems. Typical problems include mechanical unbalance, misalignment, resonance, rub phenomena, cavitation and other rotor dynamic instabilities in machines. Machinery installations include large turbo generator sets, gas and steam turbines, compressors, pumps, hydro-turbines, industrial fans, motors, and air handling units.

Real rotor response calculations for rotor bearing systems. Predictions and analysis for critical speeds, mode shapes, vibration unbalance response and stability threshold. Rotor dynamic audit for gas turbines and steam turbo generator sets, compressor installations, and pumps.

Assistance in implementation of condition monitoring programmes. Machine criticality assessment for condition monitoring programmes. Hands on training in vibration analysis for condition monitoring.

Implementation of advanced vibration diagnostic techniques, including wavelet analysis for gas turbines blades monitoring, and gated vibration analysis for reciprocating machines. Performance monitoring of industrial facilities in predictive and condition based maintenance.

Machinery audit of vendor’s equipment, and manufacturers prototypes. Vibration isolation and vibration control of prototypes and new installations.

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