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Environmental Noise Modelling, Control & Mitigation

Environmental noise modelling of petrochemical, power generation and industrial installations. Detailed noise study, including modelling of entire power plants, for in-plant and outdoor noise. Analysis and assessment include low frequency noise (and airborne pressure pulsations induced vibrations to building elements) unique to open cycle gas turbines.

Noise investigations, including structure-borne noise and vibration, in offshore gas platforms and petrochemical installations (refinery, etc.). Correlation of acoustic modelling with field measurements for the evaluation of new facilities, equipment and control devices.

Analysis for noise control in industrial engineering and manufacturing plants. Noise sources detection and noise control recommendations. Structure-borne and airborne noise analysis within plants and in the environment. Noise exposure survey for industrial plants, factories, offshore facilities, quarries, palm oil mills, etc. in conformance to OSHA/ISO/DOSH Industrial Noise Exposure & Health Regulations. Other noise investigations include severity assessments and quantification for noise control analysis.

Environmental noise prediction for industrial plants and development, and highway schemes. Detailed noise & vibration impact assessment as an extension to conventional EIAs. Traffic noise surveys and correlation to highway design. Highway and other surface transportation noise barrier design.

Noise and vibration (engineering acoustics) analysis of building services in buildings. (For further details of M&E services noise & vibration control, refer to Section 5 below).

Experience includes projects in noise modelling predictions and surveys at petrochemical installations, power plants, major highways; aircraft noise intrusion; building services noise (& vibration) analysis for buildings and other commercial development; traffic noise to residential dwellings and hotels, community noise & vibration annoyance.

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