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Air Conditioning, Mechanical Ventilation Noise & Vibration Control

Analysis and problems solving for vibration control.

Design of vibration isolation systems for rotating machines, machinery installations, large leisure rides, and floating rooms (floors, etc.) for convention halls, recording studios and other vibration sensitive spaces.

Building isolation for ground borne vibrations from trains. Vibration isolation of vibration sensitive facilities.

Noise and vibration control of mechanical & electrical system in buildings including AHUs, FCUs, fans, pumps, motors, chillers and cooling towers, lifts, diesel generator sets. Noise control for power plants for environmental and in-plant noise.

Noise analysis for duct borne and aerodynamic regenerative noise propagation in ductwork, duct break-out noise, and sound attenuator and acoustic treatment (lining, plenum, etc.).

Structure borne and air borne noise propagation control in buildings. Design recommendations include selection of sound attenuators, vibration isolation systems or isolators, enclosures and barriers.

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